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Hello Welcome back in another post of Picsart Photo editing. Today We are going to make a new latest Instagram Viral Photo Editing. To create this manipulation editing you have to download some background and png here.

This is one of the well known Instagram Viral Photo editing in the among the youngsters. Today we are going to edit a classy picture edit in picsart. You should you download these background png to create this interesting manipulation. When i am going to create this manipulation. I found it is totally simple. You do not have to take such heavy efforts to create this stuff. Just watch video carefully. Do not skip video if you really want to understand this tricks and tips.

Republic Day Background Png


Download Background Png

You can use these png to create this Instagram viral editing. Take yourself as a model and try it as soon as possible. If you are beginner then it would happen that once you do mistake but in the if you try it again and again. You will be found in the end that you can create better stuffs for yourself. If you not downloaded picsart Premium Application yet then click here.

Picsart Unlock Version




Follow Such a Steps to Create this manipulation:-

  • Open your Picsart Application
  • Download these Background png
  • Cut out your model png through crop tool
  • Guys it is almost done
  • watch video tutorial carefully

Watch Here Full Video Of Instagram Viral Editing

Guys i am very lucky that i have users like you. You are taking interest and supports us,. I am genuinely thankful of yours. I hope my videos entertain you. I always try to create something new ,Something different for you.


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